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Things get dirty. It’s a fact of life. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to not living in the cleanest setting imaginable! At the Clean Club we like keeping tidy. We understand it’s not only important to being productive and healthy, but it’s also more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. No one likes dirty rugs or carpet.

Clean Club specializes in carpet cleaning and does it with the environment in mind. We use only sustainable, non-toxic agents making your place and the environment as clean as possible.

Environmentally friendly

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What Our Clients Say

I was very happy with both services. Cleaning and carpet cleaning. I would definitely recommend them.


This was a great experiance with Clean Club, they came to my house on time, and did a amazing job with my carpet!! Would recommend to anyone!

Ashley H.

We had a gentleman come this week that was excellent he was very personal and nice did a wonderful job thank you so much clean Club we will use you again!!

Gwen J.

Scott was professional and did a great job explaining exactly what he was doing. My carpets were very clean and did not stay wet for too long afterwards. Very satisfied with the results.


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We proudly serve the following zip codes in Oklahoma City and Edmond

Service Zone 1 includes the following zip codes

73003 73012 73013

73025 73034 73083

73142 73134 73131

73084 73151 73049

73054 73007 73044

Service Zone 2 includes the following Zipcodes

73008 73064 73112

73122 73123 73132

73099 73162 73132

73169 73128 73127


Service Zone 3 includes the following Zipcodes

73120 73112 73113

73114 73115 73116

73117 73118 73111

73170 73105 73107 

73121 73110 73106

73102 73104 73103 


Service Zone 4 includes the following Zipcodes

73145 73135 73139

73119 73179 73139

73150 73159 73141 

73070 73071 73072

74857 73160 73130

73165 73020 73173

Our Ownership Team

We’re not new to the cleaning game – in fact, we’ve been at it long enough to see the technologies available evolve into something that can be really beneficial to the world.

Scott McCallister’s great-grandfather, a lawman from Texas, moved to Crown Heights in Oklahoma City in the early 1940’s and started a dry cleaning company. Scott was raised in the cleaning industry and is a 20-year veteran in the carpet cleaning and water damage restoration business, “I love the industry, building a strong relationship with customers and making them happy is what I learned from my father, grandfather, and great grandfather.

Elizabeth McCallister began her career with Scott as an emergency insurance adjuster at the May 3rd tornado. She is currently attending UCO in Organizational Leadership. Elizabeth creates a culture of customer and employee loyalty and professionalism.

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